Attendance Management

Employee absenteeism has a direct impact on the level of service your company provides. High levels of absenteeism leads to poorer quality of service, lost productivity and reduced morale of co-workers.

Using theHRfiles to manage attendance problems can have highly positive effects on the workplace including

  • reduction of overtime costs;
  • improved planning and organization of work;
  • increased employee morale;
  • improved employee/employer communication;
  • reduced the amount of time absorbed by attendance problems.
  • Promotion of optimal and consistent attendance at work.
  • raised awareness of the importance of good attendance.
  • promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness and concern.
  • provide a framework for responding to excessive absenteeism.
  • to assist individual employees overcome difficulties which adversely affect consistent attendance and to help prevent absenteeism problems from escalating.

Effortlessly record and document outcomes and infractions in an employees file in “Real Time”