Secured Online HR Documentation Management

The “Almost” Paperless Personnel Office can be yours!

With theHRfiles, you can easily create, maintain, and securely store all of your HR records at one convenient Location. You can even scan and stick any document to an employees file for safe storage and easy retrieval

Retrieval is a click away
Locating your documents and information is a mouse click away. Advanced user-level security tools ensure that only authorized personnel can view or access records and information.

theHRfiles is the best tool for HR office automation:

  • easily import employee data
  • Integrates all HR records into one convenient database
  • Reduces the need for paper storage
  • Reduces clerical time to less than half required from a manual system
  • Advanced hierarchical security and permission levels
  • Organize electronic documents, images and resources
  • Eliminate time wasted searching through file cabinets or misfiling documents
  • Disasters like fires, floods, and storms can never destroy your personnel files
  • Reduces Employment Practice Litigation Risks-Reduce EEOC Complaints
  • Supports Issues Arising from Termination

The sheer volume of documents, files, and information associated with each employee can be staggering. The filing, organization, and storage requirements are nearly impossible to manage. The solution is the theHRfiles. It's a comprehensive solution that allows you to store, scan, attach and retrieve every detail and document associated with your employees’ past, present, and future.

The “Almost” Paperless HR Office becomes a reality with the theHRfiles Start saving time, improve efficiency, and add functionality that you could never have achieved before.