Online Performance Reviews & Goal Setting

theHRfiles will direct your executive and managerial staff straight to the heart of every potential performance related evaluation issue and provide an easy to use, systematic method of evaluation that can potentially save your company thousands of dollars each year in performance losses and litigation protection.

theHRfile, the online HR software, provides detailed performance appraisal quickly and accurately with a touch of a button, and it bypasses the costly traditional method of gathering and storing handwritten performance appraisal and arriving at a fair and accurate assessment of your employees' performance.

Performance reviews on your terms and schedule

theHRfiles offers quick, effective and proficient employee evaluations. In most cases, 30 minutes is all you need and it does not requires costly and timely IT integration or long standing departmental meetings encompassing hours and hours of costly lost employee productivity. Best of all you can schedule, stop, save and resume the review process at anytime.

theHRfiles can help protect your company from potential costly litigation by providing detailed employee performance analysis and steering management away from potentially high risk litigation.

Set a solid standard and competent platform for your company’s maximum growth potential and stay on top of the market and out of trouble.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Employee Evaluation in 30 Minutes!
  • Job Descriptions and Assessment tools are online, ready and available when you are
  • Enhances Employee Performance-Improves Employee Retention
  • Improves Communication & Productivity Identifies Areas of Personal Development
  • Takes Confusion Out of Performance Review Process
  • Helps with Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
  • Supports Compensation Decision Making Process