On-Boarding Orientation & Training

Is your new-hire orientation program working for you or against you? There is a war for talent going on out there. But recruiting is only half the battle. The other half is retention. How do you keep that new-hire from walking out the door?

theHRfiles On boarding and Orientation modules are powerful tools that promote retention by:

  • Making the right first impression about your organization
  • Getting your new-hire off on the right foot, from Day 1
  • increased employee morale;
  • Getting your new-hire aligned with organizational culture, values and priorities
  • Helping your new hire build relationships across the organization
  • Document and Store your results

As new hires come on board, imported or scanned documents during the hiring process will automatically be in their employee records.

Last but not least theHRfiles documentation system gives you the assurance that your efforts are accurately documented, securely stored, and available to you On-Demand